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Security is a cornerstone of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and with the passing time Microsoft never ceased to mesmerize us by evolving new security features of Dynamics CRM platform. Despite these evolutionary features still there are lot of scenarios which CRM administrators face in their day to day life which cannot be achieved by out of box features. One such request CRM administrators gets more often is the request to display or hide system views for entities based on the security roles of the users, simply called as Role based Views. Role Based View Configurator is the tool which is designed to accomplish exactly the same. Read more

Record Cloning or Record Copying for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the methods which can reduce the time spent on data entry, particularly if the data being entered is similar. Record Cloning or Record Copying allows you to create one or multiple records with the same values as the parent record. Read More

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​​In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Showing a Optionset attribute as multi-select is a requirement we get every now and then for our CRM implementations and either we tend to implement workarounds or we spend up too much time coding for it and it adds up to your project budget. What if this be can be done just through few clicks? Well you wish for and  this is granted.Multi-Select Picklist for Dynamics CRM developed by XrmForYou Read More

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​​​​​​​Microsoft SharePoint Server is a collaboration and content management application that simplifies how people store, find, and share information. It helps people to collaborate effectively by having secure access to documents and information that they require to make business decisions.

 Off late SharePoint integration enables document management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Despite many evolutionary features still there are lot of scenario. Read More

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