Corporate training - sutherland global services, chennai

Delivered by Debajit Dutta. The training focussed on delivering the key features of CRM 2016 along with integration with Interactive service hub and Azure.

notable mentions


Implemented Dynamics CRM for Epiance for their sales and marketing activities.

Apart from the above, our consultants have delivered numerous classroom trainings in Dynamics crm across multiple locations.

Assisting eastwest bank in critical modules related to core crm and USD 

​Assisted East West bank in delivering critical modules related to core CRM functionality. Also continually assisting them in multiple modules related to USD and ADX sutdio integration.

CO-Trainer for deloitte

Delivered by Debajit Dutta. Was a co-trainer for this training which focussed on deep-dive in Dynamics CRM

DREAM ORBIT - PDF Document generation in CRM online

Focussed on a module to generate PDF content from HTML webresources in Dynamics CRM online project that Dream Orbit was delivering it to it's customer. A custom solution was required by the client as no third party software was budgeted for this.

Corporate Trainer - ITC INFOTECH

Delivered by Debajit Dutta. The training focussed on bringing the participants up to speed in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update1.