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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Showing a Optionset attribute as multi-select is a requirement we get every now and then for our CRM implementations and either we tend to implement workarounds or we spend up too much time coding for it and it adds up to your project budget. What if this be can be done just through few clicks? Well you wish for and  this is granted. Multi-Select Picklist for Dynamics CRM developed by XrmForYou is designed to exactly achieve this.

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Key Features

​Multi-Select Picklist for Dynamics CRM developed by XrmForYou have the below highlights​ :​

  • Showing Optionset field as Multi-Select Picklis

  • Free Version of this tool is available and supports only OOB entities

  • It supports and works on editable grids of Dynamics 365

  • Easy to configure and use.

  • Support Querying on both Optionset Text & Values

​​Watch Multi-select Picklist in Action below

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