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Record Cloning or Record Copying for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the methods which can reduce the time spent on data entry, particularly if the data being entered is similar. Record Cloning or Record Copying allows you to create one or multiple records with the same values as the parent record. Record Cloner developed by Xrmforyou is designed to achieve the same.

Key Features

​​Record Cloner for Dynamics CRM developed by XrmForYou helps in achieving below features​ :​

  • Creating records in CRM on one click by Copying / Cloning the existing record.

  • Option to create more than one record (maximum 5 records) at one go by cloning a single  record.

  • Related entity records can be included / excluded from the Cloning on the go.

  • Selected attributes and relationships of an entity can be configured for Cloning based on business need.

  • Work in confirmation with Dynamics CRM security model.

​Watch Record Cloner in Action below

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