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Security is a cornerstone of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and with the passing time Microsoft never ceased to mesmerize us by evolving new security features of Dynamics CRM platform. Despite these evolutionary features still there are lot of scenarios which CRM administrators face in their day to day life which cannot be achieved by out of box features. One such request CRM administrators gets more often is the request to display or hide system views for entities based on the security roles of the users, simply called as Role based Views. Role Based View Configurator is the tool which is designed to accomplish exactly the same.

Key Features

​Role based Views for Dynamics CRM developed by XrmForYou helps in achieving below features​ :​

  • Hide/ Show views for a user for a particular entity based on their security role

  • Set the default view for a user for a particular entity based on security role

  • Choose the preferred role for a user for view configuration when the user have more than one  security role in the system.

  • Ability to exclude/ include a user from view configuration as per business requirements.

  • Clone View Configurations between security roles.

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